Sophia Domeville speaks to Face2Face Africa


Team Sophia News!

In honor of Women’s History Month,
We are excited to announce Haitian American Artist, Sophia Domeville feature and interview with Face2Face Africa!

Ms. Domeville was chosen as a young female entrepreneur and artist that embody the stories of perseverance, progress, and empowerment in a new series called “Faces You Should Know”.

“I fought for my creativity since I was 5 years old,” Ms. Domeville passionately exclaims. Inspired by African-American artist Kara Walker, Ms. Domeville communicates powerful messages with emotionally driven colors, minimalist techniques, and powerful brush strokes.

In this exclusive interview with Facec2Face Africa, Ms. Domeville share her experience about being a Haitian American Artist and championing the cause for art education

Learn more about her journey and her work here


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