“Discovering Your Voice”, Creative Arts Workshop – Final Week


Listening to the rhythm and sound of music can truly create a space for creative freedom through Art. Haitian American Artist, Sophia Domeville creative arts workshop, “Discovering Your Voice”, is used as a format for students to understand self rediscovery, culture, community activism and voice through the power of art. Each week, Ms. Domeville reminds her students their Voice can be heard through any medium to help change the world and more importantly for the benefit of his/her community.

Take a look at the final Fall semester creative arts workshop at Monroe College, as the topic of “Rhythm & Sound” was discussed where each student were asked to paint their emotions connecting with the music of Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Blitz the Ambassador, The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and more! Each student were asked to “Think Outside the Box” then given a “9×12″ multi purpose sheet of canvas, paint, brushes and ink pens there creating an environment of music therapy through Art. Followed was an in depth discussion on the topic of emotions, life changes, musical influences and the importance of being aware internally.


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